One trillion dollar mineral wealth could net each Afghan over 34,000 dollars

Posted By: Staff
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Kabul, June 15 (ANI): A New York Times report revelation of Afghanistan having at least a trillion dollars worth of unearthed mineral deposits has led some Afghan reporters to excitedly calculate how much each Afghan would theoretically get if this treasure is divided equally.

According to the NYT, assuming the one trillion dollar valuation and Afghanistan's population of 29 million, that would give each Afghan man, woman and child 34,482.76 dollars.

It is a potential income source so vast that if it were tapped and the wealth handled in a way to benefit the whole population, the country could be transformed. It would also turn Afghanistan into a mining centre.

Bidding for rights to explore the reserves could begin in as little as six months, said Jawad Omar, spokesman for the Mines Ministry.

The minister is expected to give a detailed news conference on the report this week.

Government officials sounded headily optimistic Monday as they fielded questions from local and international reporters about a new report on the extent of Afghanistan's mineral wealth that suggests considerable potential for products other than opium, which until now has been the country's most lucrative export. (ANI)

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