Honour Killing: Couple tortured & killed in Delhi

Written by: Samyuktha
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New Delhi, Jun 15: Amid the several incidents unearthing the horrors of honour killing that is rampant in modern India, yet another case has emerged from Delhi, where a 'inter-caste' teenage couple were gagged, flogged and electrocuted to death.

While some reports state that both the girl, identified as Asha Saini as well as the boy, identified as Yogesh Kumar, were 19-year-olds, some state that Yogesh was 21.

They were tortured for several hours before they were put to death by electrocution. The police, which is looking into the honour killing angle, said that the youngsters were gagged with clothes, flogged with iron rods and later killed.

Several stab wounds were also found on the bodies of the couple. The couple were killed in the residence of the girl's uncle.

Asha's uncle, Om Prakash and her father Suraj Saini have been arrested.

The incident was reported to police by the neighbours who found a car abandoned outside Om Prakash's house and a foul smell coming from inside.

As per reports, the couple had been warned against continuing in the relationship on the account that they were from different castes. Yogesh was reportedly was cab driver and the girl's family had forcibly got her engaged to a property dealer in Haryana in May 2010.

The girl had been staying at Om Prakash"s home since her engagement. However, Asha refused to change her mind about Yogesh.

The family called Yogesh to her uncle"s home on Sunday, Jun 13 and killed them both.

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