India knows there is trust, vision deficit with Pakistan: Nirupama Rao

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New Delhi, June 14 (ANI): Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao has acknowledged that some observers have a view that there is a trust deficit between India and Pakistan, and added that the last sixty years have had more than their share of bitterness, recrimination, mistrust, misunderstanding and miscommunication, where these two countries are concerned.

"India-Pakistan relations are, by virtue of a complexity that has grown, rather than diminished over the years, literally, a class apart. Theories about why such distances separate us, abound. Geographical contiguity and shared history, ethnic and linguistic affinities, and similar developmental challenges have not induced an inevitable congruity between our interests. That is the tragedy of our relationship," said Rao in her address at Afghanistan-India-Pakistan Trialogue organized by Delhi Policy Group.

Some also refer to a vision deficit, especially since India has over the years sought to spell out a broader vision of our relationship while a similar definition has not been easy for Pakistan to enunciate. Therefore, there is need for articulating a common definition of what kind of relationship we want for the future. The welfare of our millions should be the common denominator of our efforts," she added.

Nirupama Rao further said India's defence posture and capabilities are not of an offensive nature, and not targeted against any country, including Pakistan.

"We want to see a peaceful, stable, energy-secure and prosperous Pakistan that acts as a bulwark against terrorism for its own sake and for the good of the region. Asymmetries in size and development, should not prevent us from working together, building complementarities, and realizing a vision of friendly, bilateral relations," said Rao.

"There can be no better strategic restraint regime than greater economic and commercial integration; more and more people to people contacts and cultural exchanges, which lead to mutual understanding of each other's views. Here rests the key to bridging the trust and vision deficit," she added. (ANI)

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