'Eat all your heart desires and still maintain a healthy heart'

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New York, June 14 (ANI): A three-times heart-attack survivor owes her amazing recovery to refining her diet without losing the meat and potatoes.

Sally Bee, a mum of three, had had a heart attack thrice by the age of 36 and decided to do something about her health.

And after five years, she claims that one can eat what they like and still maintain a healthy heart.

"I don't count calories. It's all about counting nourishment," The New York Daily News quoted Bee.

Sally has now launched a new cookbook, 'The Secret Ingredient' (Sterling Publishing, $22.95), which gives a heart-healthy spin to previously off-limits dishes like lasagna and shepherd's pie.

"I realized that to take control of my survival, I had to take control of my diet. I had to make sure every mouthful I had was nourishing me. That being said, I still want to enjoy my food!" she said.

She firmly believes that a nutritious diet, albeit good, can be a bit boring sometimes, and you one just has to give in to their temptations once in a while.

But that doesn't have to put pressure on your heart, she says.

"In England, we love bangers and mash - what you would call sausages and mashed potatoes. And you can make that in a really healthy way," she said.

She buys fat-free sausages from the local butcher and whips up a sweet-potato mash sans the extra salt and butter applied to regular mashed potatoes.

"We sit down to a very balanced and satisfying meal that the whole family can enjoy, and every mouthful is nourishing," she said.

Cooking stuff like red meat in a healthy manner, and eating sugar or other foods in moderation are all keys to a healthier eating plan, said Bee.

"I'm living proof that this works. Each time my cardiologist sees me, he's amazed at how well I'm doing," she added. (ANI)

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