Congress let Anderson go out of the nation

Written by: Devaki
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New Delhi, Jun 13: Congress admitted that it had no choice but to allow Warren Anderson, the former chairman of Union Carbide Corp responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy, to leave the country. Pranab Mukherjee made this confession at a time when Congress is under pressure to explain Anderson's release after being arrested on Dec 7, 1984, five days after the gas tragedy.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee revealed that the decision to let Warren Anderson go, was taken by Arjun Singh and Rajiv Gandhi. He said that the release order was provided by the state government. He defended the decisions taken by Arjun Singh and Rajiv Gandhi.

“It is clear in Arjun Singh"s statement, which he had made then that law and order situation was deteriorating. People frenzy was on high, therefore it was thought necessary to move out Warren Anderson," said Mukherjee on Sunday.

Arjun Singh is believed to have ordered his officials to release Anderson. Anderson was arrested at around 2 pm on Dec 7, but was released the same day and flew out of Bhopal in a state government plane to New Delhi. He was charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder, grievous assault and killing and poisoning of human beings and animals.

Mukherjee said that the law and order was deteriorating that it was very important to move Anderson out of the country.

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