'Too sexy to work' ex-Citi banker now mesmerizes Chase Bank customers!

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New York, June 11 (ANI): Workers and customers at JP Morgan Chase are rooting for sexy banker Debrahlee Lorenzana, saying that she better not be fired from new job.

"They better not fire her - she's hot," said Lamonte Rossi, 33, as he walked out of the bank.

Lorenzana, who was fired from Citibank some time ago, has returned to work at JP Morgan Chase branch, much to the delight of her male customers.

Sanitation worker Leslie Shipe said anyone who says a cross word about Lorenzana is "just jealous of her sexy body."

"That lady is working her wares, and that's no crime," Shipe said.

Lorenzana strutted into the office, flaunting her 'assets' that zoomed her under the spotlight a day before. She returned a few days after her lawyer had claimed that Chase was threatening to let her go if she speaks about Citibank.

While a Chase rep stepped out to tell reporters that Lorenzana will not get fired, the banker insisted her appearance on Discovery Health's "Plastic Surgery New York Style" would do nothing to damage her case against Citi.

"One has nothing to do with the other," The New York Daily News quoted her as saying.

As Lorenzana went to her desk and got back to work following two days of off-site training, her fans couldn't help but be impressed. (ANI)

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