Sony's 'super-smart' TV blurs if kids sit too near

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London, June 11 (ANI): Worried that your kids will end up with poor eyesight by sitting too close to the TV? Well, now take a sigh of relief for a new super-smart TV will turn its picture fuzzy if it senses a youngster is too near to the sceen

And it won't go back to normal until the child moves away to a safe distance.

The LX 3D model from Sony hits the shops in the UK next month.

The TV set uses a type of face- recognition technology to distinguish children from adults and can work out how far they are from the set and whether they risk damage to their eyes.

It senses whether someone is watching TV alone, and can make recommendations based on viewing habits.

It can also tell if a viewer has left the room and can switch itself off to save energy.

"The consumer we're aiming this television at tends to be quite family-orientated so this function is important," the Daily Express quoted Christian Brown, Sony's senior marketing manager for home entertainment, as saying.

The LX, which has not yet been given a price, was unveiled as part of Sony's latest range of 3D TVs.

The first will go on sale tomorrow, starting with the 3D-capable HX8 40in, priced around 1,800 pounds, and the HX8 46in at around 2,200 pounds. (ANI)

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