New World Cup soccer ball will play "harder and faster." Experts

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Adelaide, June 9 (ANI): "Jabulani", the new soccer ball created for the World Cup in South Africa this year, will play more harder and faster compared to the previous balls, physics experts at the University of Adelaide have said.

"The Jabulani is textured with small ridges and 'aero grooves' and represents a radical departure from the ultra-smooth Teamgeist ball, which was used in the last World Cup," said Professor Derek Leinweber, Head of the School of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Adelaide.

The earlier version of the ball- Teamgeist- that was used in the 2006 World Cup, was very smooth and had a tendency to bend more than the conventional ball and drop more suddenly at the end of its trajectory. Given all the facts, it was bound to depart.

"The Jabulani is expected to bend more for the players than any ball previously encountered", claimed Professor Leinweber.

He added that players would discover new opportunities with the ball.

"While the governing body FIFA has strict regulations on the size and weight of the balls, they have no regulations about the outside surface of the balls," Professor Leinweber says.

The conclusions were drawn after the University of Adelaide students compared both balls on the soccer field. ANI)

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