Militancy affected Tripura village cherishes peace

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Jirania village (Tripura), June 9 (ANI): Having been a militants' den for a long time, Tripura's Jirania village cherishes a peaceful and normal daily life due to government efforts.

With the changing scenario, people are now looking forward to a bright future for themselves.

Inhabitated by various tribal and non-tribal people, Jirania is a semi-urban block of Tripura, established on the banks of river Saidra.

Fertile riverbeds make farming the main occupation of these people, who get the government's support and loans to procure advanced machinery and better irrigation facilities.

It is hard to believe that the place was badly affected by militant activities a few years ago.

Extortion and shutdowns were routine affairs and development was stunted. ut with declining insurgency, thanks to the Government's intervention, growth and prosperity are returning to the area.

Development activities like road construction, drinking water provisions, health facilities and education are taking place in Jirania.

"Earlier, there was militancy problem but it has ended now. In the past, we were very scared and we could not move freely due to fear of getting killed.

Development works had also come to a standstill but the situation has now changed for the better. There is no more pressure from militants and we live in peace," said Rajendra Debbarma, a farmer in Jirania.

Introduction of new Government projects like the mini-water treatment plant is one such transformation.

Residents will have access fresh water.

"People of this locality used to consume contaminated water and often fell sick. But with the start of this mini-treatment plant, where we clean the water with medicine, people are now getting clean water supply," said Gurucharan Debbarma, a staff member in Water Supply Department.

Education is another area of improvement.

A degree college with nine specialized departments is being set up.

"Due to the establishment of peace in the hills, calmness prevailing, good pace of development is taking place and we all know the mother of all development is education. Higher education is taking place here and these people will take benefit of it," said Dipankar Chakraborty, Principal in-charge, Government Degree College.

Local women are also contributing to this ongoing process of development by utilizing their talents to start their own businesses with the hope of becoming self-reliant.

"I run this shop after completing my household chores to earn extra income. I sell many things, which are produced by locals like bags, mobile covers, folder covers, moneybags, and many other decorative items. I earn a good income and this helps to run my family smoothly," said Sumitra Debbarma, a local shop owner.

With the onset of peace, normal life has resumed in Jirania, and its people are exploring new opportunities.

Jirania is a perfect example that highlights the importance of peace in any society for its overall development. By Pinaki Das (ANI)

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