Barack, Michelle Obama in 1993 video Whoomp?

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Melbourne, June 9 (ANI): Internet users are wondering if US President Barack Obama 'hip-hopped' in a 1993 video for Whoomp (There It Is).

The 17-year-old video apparently features a left-handed hip-hopper in shades who's seen smiling over a cash game of dominoes about 1:01 minutes into the video - thought to be Obama.

The bizarre speculations don't end here - the video supposedly stars wife Michelle Obama too, at 0.47 minutes. reports that some bloggers claim Mr Obama, who would have been about 31 at the time, took a break from writing his memoirs to travel to Atlanta with his wife for the shoot.

In 1993, Obama would have been involved with voter registration drives in Chicago and still a newlywed. The low-resolution image shows that the would-be Obama as a slightly thinner man with pierced ears and the makings of a ratty moustache, reports

"If it isn't him ... then who is it?" quoted one user as writing.

A remake of the song by Dodge and Viper in January this year is also causing added buzz. The video of that version borrows clips from the old Tag team version - with the "Obama" scenes edited out. (ANI)

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