US urges Pak to act against anti-Indian terrorists

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Washington, Jun 8: United States urges Pakistan to act against terrorism and extinguish terror syndicate operating including the anti-Indian groups like Lashkar-e-taiba(LeT), from its soil.

Robert Blake, US Assistant Secretary of the State told the media that US will never be soft on terrorism, noting the terrorist groups operating in the countries like Pakistan threatens US, India and Pakistan itself.

“This is our highest priority, and this is the area where probably we"ve made the greatest progress, in terms of our cooperation with India in terms of not only law-enforcement cooperation, but also intelligence cooperation," Blake said negating an opinion that US may be a little soft in dealing with cross border terrorism against India from Pakistan.

“We take extremely seriously the threats against both of our countries, because we believe that there is increasingly a syndicate that is operating in countries like Pakistan that threatens both of our countries, and it also threatens Pakistan itself. So we feel it"s in the interests of all three countries to address this very critical problem, to work together."

“The US has been in the forefront of countries urging Pakistan to not only continue the progress it"s been making in Swat and South Waziristan, but also to address the problem in the Punjab, namely, the Punjab-based groups, like Lashkar-e-Taiba,

that are operating against India, that have also targeted the United States, in the Mumbai bombings and elsewhere. And again, this will remain a very, very high priority for us. And you should not doubt the sincerity of that statement," Mr Blake said.

Blake added that US will provide all supports for the important works that India has undertaken in Afghanistan.

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