Blame obesity epidemic for pregnant women not being offered seats by commuters

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London, June 8(ANI): A new survey has claimed that majority of expectant mothers are often left standing on public transport because fellow passengers cannot distinguish between a pregnant woman's bump and the figure of an obese woman.

According to two surveys, many commuters are choosing not to relinquish their seats because they are uncertain if women are really pregnant or not, while in other cases selfishness was thought to be a factor.

In one of the polls conducted by Tommy's, a baby charity, more than half of women surveyed said it was unusual for someone to give up their seat to them.

"It is ridiculous that the health of young mums is being put at risk because of embarrassment," The Telegraph quoted Nifa McLaughlin, editor of, as saying.

"It is worth risking a red face if it ensures that a pregnant woman is able to complete a crowded rush-hour journey safely," she added.

Meanwhile, in an effort to eliminate any doubts for commuters, Mothercare has issued a "Baby on Board" badge for pregnant mothers in the hope they will be offered seats more readily. (ANI)

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