Somalian Al-Qaeda aligned terror outfit looking to recruit American citizens

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Washington, June 7 (ANI): Somalia is fast becoming a hotbed for breeding American-born terrorists, who subsequently end up pointing the gun at their own country.

The impoverished country has been cast into the CIA/FBI spotlight following the arrest of two New Jersey-born jihadists who were reportedly bound for Somalia at the time of their detention at the John F Kennedy airport on Saturday.

Thousands of Somalian-American youngsters are said to be teeming to their homeland to pick up the gun and train it on their emigrant country with the assistance of an Al-Qaeda aligned local terror group Al-Shabaab which has been lauded by Osama Bin Laden for attacking Somalia's incapable US-backed ruling regime.

According to The Daily News, the country's Al-Shabaab militant group has become a valuable ally for Osama Bin Laden and it has been waging a secret war there. The first encounter the US forces had with Al-Qaeda was, in fact, in the anarchic Somali capital of Mogadishu and a showdown that turned very ugly ending with US soldiers being dragged through its streets.

US Agencies now fear that these embittered traitors could return to the country and take up residence undetected in Somalian pockets of the US like St. Paul, Minnesota.

Meanwhile, a former informant for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and two U.S. intelligence agencies, Anthony Joseph Tracy, 35, was set free after pleading guilty to human smuggling charges and serving several months in prison in a case whose proceedings have been conducted in secrecy.

He admitted to helping 272 Somalis illegally enter the US from Kenya through Cuba but failed a lie detector test when he denied smuggling al-Shabaab fighters here, a source told the Daily News.

Now the FBI and ICE are hunting down at least 130 Somalis Tracy brought here out of fears some might have been from al-Shabaab, the source said. (ANI)

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