'Alzheimer's led to the decline of Agatha Christie the novelist'

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London, June 6 (ANI): Agatha Christie was in the early stages of Alzheimer's when, at 81, she wrote Elephants Can Remember, a leading expert has claimed.

The claim solves the enduring mystery of Christie's poorly received last Poirot book.

The tome was criticized for its 'too weak' plot and filled with lot of errors, reports The Daily Express.

Professor Ian Lancashire, who waited two years to publish his findings, said: "I did not want to say what was said in the end, but, yes, the data supported a view that she had developed Alzheimer's."

The expert came to the conclusion after studying 16 of Christie's most famous novels, such as Murder On The Orient Express, Ten Little Indians and Murder, She Said.

"Although she was never assessed for dementia, her last novels reveal an inability to create a crime solvable by clue-detection, according to the rules of the genre she helped create," said Lancashire. (ANI)

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