Arizona firm says its "Smart Sponge" perfect for Gulf Oil spill cleanup

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New York, June 5 (ANI): An Arizona company has claimed that its "Smart Sponge" polymer product is the perfect solution for mopping up the the Gulf Oil slick.

To bolster its claims, AbTech Industtries, the manufacturer of the wonder sponge, plans to deploy 2,50.00 dollars worth of the product as donation along the afflicted coast-line so as to demonstrate its effectiveness and bring it to the notice of authorities.

The "Smart Sponge" is a polymer that absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water.

"You would tie these together, and you could protect miles and miles of coastline," Abc News quoted AbTech Marketing VP Ray Reed, as saying.

Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Manzone explained how the technology works.

"So we take the oil.. Contaminate the water," he says holding a small vial filled with black oil. He shakes up the mixture and then pours it into a sponge that he has inserted partially into a tube.

"The oil remains inside of my sponge. You can see that the water coming out of the bottom of my sponge is clean," he said.

"Once the oil comes into this smart sponge structure," Reed says, "it can't be released under any amount of pressure," he added.

"Local governments and state governments, as far as I understand it, have been unable to purchase our product because BP hasn't authorized it," says AbTech VP of Corporate Development Gordon Brown, "and they're afraid if they buy it, they won't be reimbursed by BP." (ANI)

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