NSW Government pulls a "Big Brother" on unsuspecting public

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Sydney, June 3 (ANI): In a real-life instance of the celebrity 'Big Brother' phenomenon, the New South Wales Government is surreptitiously recording people's facial features and forming a mathematical map of almost every adult's face.

The aim of the exercise is to "track" people and ensure better law enforcement using CCTVs.

The intrusive move has drawn the ire of various social observers and experts for its disregard for people's privacy and assent.

"Over 20 years ago we had a debate about the Australia card and the people of this country showed where they stood in relation to the government knowing people's movements," the Daily Telegraph quoted NSW Opposition police spokesman Mike Gallacher, as saying.

"The push for this into the future has far greater ramifications than some old Australia card. I have a concern about a lack of public debate," he added.

Meanwhile, NSW Roads Minister David Borger said that the technology has many benefits and was also preventing fraud and stopping people obtaining multiple licences.

A spokeswoman for CrimTrac said its board of management had granted approval for a project proposal for a nation facial recognition capability. (ANI)

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