Guatemala sinkhole not a sinkhole, says expert

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Washington, June 03 (ANI): The giant sinkhole in Guatemala City that has caught attention of the world shouldn't be called a sinkhole, according to an expert.

Geologist Sam Bonis claims "sinkholes" mean areas where bedrock is solid but has been eaten away by groundwater.

However, the situation beneath the Republic of Guatemala's capital, according to Bonis, is far different, and more dangerous.

"Sure, it looks a lot like a sinkhole. And a whale looks a lot like a fish, but calling it one would be very misleading," Discovery News quoted him, as saying.

He said the term "piping feature" is more appropriate for the 100-foot deep, 66-foot side circular chasm.

Bonis was part of a team of geologists who investigated similar hole that had opened after a sewage pipe broke just a few blocks from the current spot, in 2007.

He said: "Our recommendation was that this could happen again. When you have water flowing from storm water runoff, a sewage pipe, or any kind of strong flow, it eats away at the loose material. We don't know how long it has to go on before it collapses. But once it starts collapsing, God help us." (ANI)

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