Transcripts of Polish President's final minutes released

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Edinburgh, June 2 (ANI): Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has published the transcripts of the final minutes of late President Lech Kaczynski in the ill-fated Tupolev Tu-154 whose crash took the lives of most of the Polish government's top-brass.

The transcripts revealed that the pilots of the aircraft received at least a dozen warnings from the on-board systems to regain height during the last minute of the crash.

There is speculation that late Polish President Kaczynski may himself have precipitated the circumstances by asking the pilots to ignore the Russian traffic-controllers' advice and urging them to land the plane despite the inclement weather.

According to The Scotsman, the transcript provided no evidence of this, though three minutes before the crash it quoted an unidentified person in the cockpit as saying: "(S)he will be annoyed if..." It did not make clear who the subject of the sentence was and said the rest of the sentence was unintelligible.

One of the pilots cursed after the plane hit a tree - a collision that flipped the Tupolev Tu-154 military plane upside down.

The last sound recorded was a prolonged expletive uttered by an unidentified person in the cockpit.

Meanwhile, Kaczynski's twin brother Jaroslav has criticised the Tusk administration's decision to publicly release the transcripts even before the immediate family of the deceased had had a chance to read them. (ANI)

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