The Brit schoolboy, 16, who has never missed a day of school since he was 4!

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Melbourne, June 02 (ANI): English schoolboy Stephen Booth has never missed a day in 12 years of education.

The Herald Sun reports, the teen has battled through coughs and colds for the past 12 years without taking a single day off school.

The 16-year-old boy told The Stoke Sentinel: "I was about four when I last had a day off. I had something contagious so stayed at home.

"I generally only get ill during school holidays. It's just been a stroke of luck. My friends have had a laugh and joke with me about my attendance being so good.

"But the attendance has helped. I feel confident that I've learned a lot in lessons. I'm not going to miss any knowledge when it comes to the exams." (ANI)

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