It's raining drunken parrots in Northern Territory!

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Melbourne, June 2 (ANI): Drunken and hung over parrots are dropping out of the sky in the Northern Territory.

According to Lisa Hansen, a founding member of the Ark Animal Hospital at Palmerston near Darwin, the red collar lorikeets lose coordination and pass out after eating something.

"It happens every year around this season, they lose all balance and we do find them fallen out of trees and the sky," quoted Hansen as saying.

"It seems that the birds get intoxicated by something they have eaten and it renders them unable to fly and function correctly.

"And then they can get very sick as a result."

What they are eating is unknown, but daily cases of birds falling into backyards and along roadsides are being reported.

"Sometimes they need intensive care before we can put them out in the aviaries until they can fly again," Hansen said.

The birds are given a special diet of fruit and a lorikeet mix. (ANI)

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