World condemns Israeli act, UN to take decision

Written by: Gaurav
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Jerusalem, June 1: Israel's move to send commandos to raid the Mediterranean flotilla which is considered to be a humanitarian ship moving towards Gaza blockade to provide relief on Monday, May 31 night seems to have isolated Israel internationally and diplomatically and posed a danger of cut off relations with Middle East.

This act of Israel seems to have a grave effect on the relationship with Turkey which is considered its key strategic, regional and Muslim ally, Turkey.

Anger erupted ,with people burning Israeli flags and people protesting on streets in huge numbers as the Netanyahu government advising Israelis to stay away from Turkey.

Turkey"s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, described the Israeli raid as “an act of inhumane state terrorism".

Three of the six ships flew the Turkish flag, the convoy was organized by a Turkish charity, and several hundred of those on board the ships were Turks. “We had a very good relationship with Israel, but we have had all kind of difficulties in the past," said a senior diplomat in Ankara, Selim Yenel. "This tops them all."

Protesters scaled the high fences protecting the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul, only to be repelled by security forces.

The Turks convened an emergency meeting of generals and security ministers and called off military exercises with Israel, as did Greece.

United Nations in the meeting condemn strongly this act of violence and criticized Israel for this."I heard the ships were in international water. That is very bad," said Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General.

Meanwhile The Obama administration, while regretting the death toll, still undecided and studying

"The United States is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy," said White House spokesman William Burton.

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