High demand for umbrellas in Jammu and Kashmir

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Srinagar, May 31 (ANI): The incessant rainfall in Jammu and Kashmir has come as a blessing in disguise for the umbrella sellers, as their business has witnessed a surge in the demand for umbrellas.

The demand has scaled up the prices of umbrellas almost double the normal price here.

People here are complaining about the shooting umbrella prices, but they have no option, as they can't manage without buying one.

"This year it is raining so continuously, even I have never seen such a weather before. If it stops raining for a day, it rains for four days and if it stops raining for four days it rains for eight days. All thanks to god my business is running well," said Gulzar Ahmad, an umbrella hawker.

However, with the increase in demand of the umbrellas, the locals here are facing a lot of inconvenience.

Local residents are lamenting high umbrella prices, but they have no option, as they can't manage without it for the time being.

"Around four to five years back nobody asked for an umbrella, but from April onwards the umbrella vendors are in great demand. It has rained for the entire May and it might rain all of June as well. So everybody is buying umbrellas," said Narinder Singh, a customer.

The valley that received an average rainfall of 69.9 mm in the month of May has already recorded 129.6 mm during the month. (ANI)

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