Gulf of Mexico oil leak described as 'worst US environment disaster'

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London, May 31 (ANI): British Petroleum (BP's) failure to plug the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has led American officials and the local community to describe it as the worst environmental disaster in US history.

The BBC quoted White House energy adviser Carol Browner, as saying that the US was "prepared for the worst scenario" that the leak might not be stopped before August.

BP is to try a new tactic after its latest failure to halt the leak, but says there is no guarantee of success.

BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles said even if it worked it would only halt a majority of the spill.

At least 20 million gallons have now spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, affecting more than 70 miles (110km) of Louisiana's coastline.

Eleven rig workers died when the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank nearly six weeks ago.

Browner said she hoped the latest plan would work, but admitted it would be a temporary measure and that a relief well currently being drilled might turn out to be the permanent solution.

Browner said BP had been told to drill another relief well in case the first did not work.

The White House said the president had been informed that the flow rate could increase by as much as 20 percent until the containment device was applied over the leak. (ANI)

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