Samy Vellu's days as Malay-Indian Congress President numbered

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Kuala Lumpur, May 29 (ANI): Pressure is mounting on long-time Malaysian Indian Congress chief S. Samy Vellu, to relinquish his presidential post prematurely.

Intra-party elements are rebelling against him and, to prevent further fissures from appearing, Vellu has promised an earlier departure date and voiced support for his successors.

He disclosed this in an interview on Wednesday where he expressed a desire to see his deputy, G. Palanivel as the next party president.

He also indicated that he might step down earlier than the September 2011 date he has given himself although his current term as MIC president ends in May 2012, The Star reports.

With Vellu fast losing round, even among party old-timers, the writing is clear on the wall for Vellu.

"We should not push him but tell him politely that he has to go. The sooner the better. By end of this year is a good time," said P. Aru-mugam, a hardcore Samy Vellu supporter from Penang.

Vellu is being held responsible for the abysmal performances registered by the MIC in 2008 that saw senior party members getting drubbed at the electorate.

The formation of the Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu or GAS movement launched by former MIC deputy Youth chief V. Mugilan and openly joined by several MIC Central Working Committee members with P. Palaniappan has jolted the party's members into realisation.

Though the GAS supporters fear that Vellu is likely to renege on his word to give up the post by the end of this year and may try a last-ditch attempt to retain it.

In light of such a possibility it would be better for him to gracefully exit willingly at the party's 64th annual general meeting on July 10 than be coerced into doing so later. (ANI)

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