Rajkot Zoo sets up top-open enclosures for leopards

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Rajkot, May 29 (ANI): Zoo authorities in Rajkot have set up top-open enclosures for leopards.

Praduman Park, a small hilly area surrounded by two lakes and situated on the outskirts of Rajkot city was selected as the zoo site.

The zoo is developed on 137 acres of land on a hilly area and the topography is suitable for wildlife.

The enclosure has a front of 40 meters, 29 meters at the back and 23 meters on its sides. Their fence is four meters high and on the top of it has a 1.2-meter high over hand made of stainless steel plates and hot wires on top.

"This kind of enclosure I am seeing it for the first time, I have seen so many zoos but this enclosure is open from the top safety measures in enclosures are good and other arrangements are also good," said Anil Chaudhary, a visitor.

There are enough safety measures, which prevent the animals from climbing and jumping out.

One of the safety measures is a hot wire fence, which is connected to battery and gives eight volts' shock to the animal if it touches it. As the jolt is not of much intensity, it will not harm the animal.

"Enclosures were made with modern concept. The leopard's enclosure is a peculiarity. It is open and roofless. It has 1.2 meter steel plate on the top of barricades and the enclosure is very spacious and also we have provided good furniture like trees," said M.G.Maradia, Zoo Superintendent of Rajkot.

At present, the Rajkot zoo has a total strength of 45 animals, including 12 lions, one tiger, three leopards, two Himalayan bears, and four deer, four sambar, three crocodiles and 15 tortoises. (ANI)

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