Now it's cricket on skates for young enthusiasts in Rajkot

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Rajkot, May 29 (ANI): In a unique, first ever, cricket tournament organized in Rajkot, students play cricket while wearing roller skates.

Organized by the Skate Ball Federation in the city, the tournament has caught the fancy of the young generation.

Teams from around eleven states including Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and many more, gathered in city.

The newest version of the willow game is played on a field not larger than a basketball ground made of concrete to allow the skates to play with ease.

According to Pushpa Rathod, artificer of the game and General Secretary of Skate Ball Federation, this game is different from normal cricket as it needs lot of concentration, balancing and skating skills.

"This is not simple cricket, as the children wear roller skates. They have to be alert because if they loose concentration, they will fall; this game is risky. The game has been organized at a national level now, as the children have been practicing for the last two years," said Rathod.

Salvi Pillai, a player from the Gujarat is all excited as she has an advantage to play both the games and is looking forward to playing in the international tournaments.

"This national tournament is totally different from ordinary tournament. Here, we have to wear skates and play. It is difficult to balance while fielding. If we are selected for national games, further we can go for international too," said Pillai.

During the tournament, there will 30 matches between the teams. General rules of the games are similar to the cricketing rules except that the team consists of seven players.

In this game, both fast and spin bowlers have a long run up and almost all kinds of shots that are seen in normal cricket are played in this innovation too. (ANI)

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