Footie female groupies, "star f---ers", offer themselves to AFL players: Book

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Melbourne, May 29 (ANI): A book on how female groupies throw themselves at AFL players in a bid to bed them or otherwise, has been revealed.

Former Australian football player Wayne Carey referred to such women, who are commonly known as "groupies", as "star f---ers" in his book 'The Truth Hurts'.

They are always hovering behind the scenes, splashed in perfume and fake tan, tottering on high heels and short skirts, prowling bars and nightclubs for their latest targets, and to beg introductions to future marks.

When a player reciprocates interest, they will slip away with him in the night, for a forbidden embrace or grope - usually with no strings attached.

Carey, 39, wrote that there was no shortage of women, who were trying to hook up.

"If your eyes met with theirs more than two or three times in a short space of time, then you knew she might be interested," quoted him as writing.

"It was almost like a game . . . they were almost predatory at times in the way they hunted down their prey. I've had complete strangers come up and say to me and say, 'I want to f--- you tonight'," he revealed.

According to the Herald Sun, a woman, who went public last year with claims she'd slept with up to 200 AFL players, backs Carey's assertions.

The AFL has distanced itself from the controversy. But all players are drilled in women's issues through "respect and responsibility" sessions.

Educator Lea Trafford once counselled players, through AFL Players' Association programs, on strategies to negotiate sexual advances of women.

Her curriculum, entitled "Risky Business", canvassed celebrity pitfalls.

It covered unexpected scenarios, such as claims from the US that women saved condoms after sex with sport stars to use the sperm for fertilisation.

She speaks of some AFL players as country kids bathed in sudden fame, who were pampered like "prized greyhounds".

Trafford recalls an ex-girlfriend who had a one-night stand with an AFL player to get pregnant.

"We know it is a badge of honour for women to be going out with a footballer," she said.

"We know it is also a badge of honour if you have a baby with a footballer, even if you don't end up with him," she added. (ANI)

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