Meet talented Jor Jor, the world's first musical goldfish!

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London, May 26 (ANI): A goldfish has become the world's first to be able to play music and to join in with Barbra Streisand songs.

Jor Jor, the talented two-year-old aquatic pet, who can play the glockenspiel and handbells, has been trained to play single notes, chords and four-part harmonies by simply using her mouth.

She tugs on a string attached to the bells in perfect time to the music playing outside her tank, and she always comes in at the same point when she hears American singer Streisand sing, 'Moon River'.

"Jor Jor certainly is a unique musician. She likes to listen closely until a particular moment inspires her to contribute," the Sun quoted owner Diane Rains as saying.

"At precisely the right time, she will play her bells or chimes for a few seconds only, then swim off satisfied.

"I haven't figured out how she decides when her help is needed. She does particularly like the notes F and D, so perhaps she listens for those," she said.

Rains, 54, started training Ryukin goldfish Jor Jor a year and half ago using a training technique called positive reinforcement.

When Jor Jor performs a certain act she is rewarded and so is trained to do that act more regularly.

"When the fish does a correct behaviour, I mark it with a visual click of a penlight. The click is immediately followed by a treat delivered with a special feeding wand. No punishment or coercion is ever used," she explained.

"Jor Jor is trained every day, but she also has access to her instruments at other times and she plays whenever she feels the urge," she added.

Rains, from Hudson, Wisconsin, USA, said Jor Jor left her and husband Stu stunned when she joined in with a performance on TV show American Idol.

She is now thinking of compiling a CD of Jor Jor's music. (ANI)

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