Meet the Brit woman who has sex for babies to boost her £20K benefits!

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London, May 25 (ANI): A British woman has revealed that she is looking into having casual sex only so she can have babies and increase the 20,000 pounds benefits she is already getting.

Natalie Taylor, 29, who is a single mom with four kids by three dads, claims she has never had a job as she cannot afford to work, and that she wants to bed more men so she can double her family.

"I'd love to get a job, but I'd be 50p a week worse off if I worked," the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

"My dad works for the Post Office and my brother's a mechanic, so the tax they pay covers my kids," she said.

She also claims that she sleeps around because she is "addicted" to being pregnant.

"I'd be pregnant all the time if I could. I'd like to have four more kids," she said.

"Unless Mr Perfect comes along, I'll sleep with strangers to have more babies. Some people won't agree with the way I do things, but I don't have regrets. I'm excited about my next mission.

"My hair and nails look nicer when I'm pregnant. I love being a mum - I'm addicted. I don't worry what my kids will think about me, I know they'll love me as much as I love them," she stated.

Taylor, who lives in an East Sussex council house, gets 250 pounds a week income support plus 344 pounds a month housing benefit, 80 pounds a month council tax relief and 240 pounds a month in child benefit.

But she claims life is a "financial struggle", despite driving a 1,200 pounds seven-seater Vauxhall Zafira and having regular beauty treatments.

Taylor said she had begged strangers for sex to get pregnant with Charity, now five months old, and one man, a jobless, dope-smoking "bum", granted her wish in the back of a Nissan Micra.

"Men are only good for one thing, giving me babies. When I split with my last boyfriend I had three children by two dads," she added. (ANI)

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