Farmers in Tamil Nadu find Arabian date palms a major charm

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Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu), May 23 (ANI): In a shift from traditional crops, an increasing number of farmers in Tamil Nadu are taking to cultivating Arabian date palms.

Arabian date palms give the best fruit, and plants are usually imported from Saudi Arabia for cultivation in the State's Dharmapuri district.

Arabian dates are cultivated on more than 2,000 acres in the state, and growing each year.

"In Ariyakulam village, I have 10-12 acres of land, out of which dates are grown on eight acres. There are many different varieties of dates grown here," said Nizamuddin, a date farmer.

The date farmers in Tamil Nadu are earning well as the crop needs less water and no chemical expenses for its cultivation.

"Growing dates is easier for the farmers because less water is required as compared to other fruits, and there is no labour problem in it. There are no fertilizers and chemicals required for it," added Nizamuddin.

The first saplings for commercial growth in Tamil Nadu were procured over 15 years ago at a cost of Rs 3,250 from Saudi Arabia, and now farmers newly taking to date cultivation are procuring saplings from within the state itself. (ANI)

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