Fall in Basmati rice production in Uttarakhand

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Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), May 22 (ANI): The overall production of the famous Basmati rice from Uttarakhand's Terai region has decreased with respect to several different emerging brands from other states, which have captured the market.

Basmati rice of Terai, which was known for its taste and quality, is no longer grown there.

The farmers have fancied other varieties of rice such as Sharbati, as they reap higher profits with lesser investment.

"Farmers from Terai region are focusing more on other varieties rather than Basmati. Like Sharbati is a kind of rice, which takes grows in shorter time with lesser investment. But it's not Basmati," said Amogh Gupta, General Manager, Sriram Rice Industries.

"The farmer produces it and brings it to the market for export but it is totally banned for exports," he added.

Due to lack of assistance from the government and subsidy cuts, the Basmati rice costs the farmers more than other varieties.

Basmati takes more time to grow and production is less as compared to other varieties of rice.

Several mini export units were set up in the Terai area because of the Basmati production.

But today, these export units have been compelled to buy Basmati rice from other states like Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh since the farmers in Terai have ceased cultivating this premier rice.

"The farmers are growing Sharbati rather than Basmati and we have to buy Basmati rice from Haryana and Punjab. They provide us with good quality of basmati for export," said Sanjeev, owner of an export unit in Pantnagar. (ANI)

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