Theme-based lounge bar business picking up in metropolitan cities

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New Delhi/Chandigarh, May 20 (ANI): Influenced by the western trends, the theme 'Lounge Culture' is picking up pace among youngsters in metro cities.

In recent years, the lounge bar has emerged on the map of tidings in a city as a popular spot for.

"The culture now is more westernised, the system of having fun, so what we think there is special need of having these kinds of pubs and new concepts in India, which bring actually India on the global map," said Saurabh Katyal, owner, Freeze Lounge in New Delhi.

After a tiring-day at workplace, youngsters want to de-stress at these hotspots.

"Initially we tend to do something or the other new thing including the western theme or the cowboy theme, anything we can do to initiate people to come and have fun over here," said Sahil Juneja, partner, Wild West Pub-cum-Lounge, in Chandigarh.

We have the fun atmosphere and the waiters also know everything about western theme, so that even if a customer asks why is this theme being adopted here, we can tell him everything about the theme," Juneja added.

While rapid growth in sectors like IT, telecom, retail and real estate has given a boost to the hospitality industry, the rapidly growing economy has led to the emergence of new businesses like theme-based enterprises of lounge bars.

India's economy will grow 8.5 percent in the fiscal year that began April 1, after probably expanding 7.2 percent in the previous year, the government has estimated, making it the world's second-fastest growing major economy after China. (ANI)

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