Power-generation gadgets tailored for rural needs invented in Pune

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Pune, May 19 (ANI): Chandrakant Pathak, an engineer in Pune has invented power generation gadgets tailored for rural energy needs.

The gadgets are operated either manually or on bullock power.

Pathak was a mechanical engineer working with a private firm. He volunteered for rehabilitation work with the Sakal Relief Fund. This work took him to some remote villages in Pune.

In these villages the only source of water was a river running through a deep ravine. There was no electricity or diesel to run a pump.

Pathak said that these villagers couldn't be dependent on the government for everything.e modified power-consuming gadgets of everyday use like motor pumps, flourmills and even electric vegetable shredders to run on manual power.

"For the last 20 years I am working for the invention of power-generation gadgets. Maharashtra is going through a huge electricity shortage. We require 6000-mega watts of electricity. We cannot just depend on the government," he said.

His first bicycle pump has evolved into several varieties of bicycle-operated lift and spray pumps to suit different needs.

Some of the pumps are powerful enough to draw water from a depth of fifty feet and pump it up to a height of 100 feet. Anything between 15-40 litres of water can be pumped per minute. Pathak found ways to operate other rural machines requiring electricity like the flourmills and threshers on manual and bullock power. He also devised a floating turbine that uses the power of a running river or stream to pump water.

"We have to see how energy can be generated from these sources and have to utilize all the energy sources. Like if we fit a generator in a cycle we can produce up to 60-mega watts of electricity," he said.

Pathak work has been recognised and subsidized by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency. He has received several awards for his work. (ANI)

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