Convicted drug dealer asks for sex in UK prison!

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London, May 18 (ANI): A convicted drug dealer in Britain has been making demands for sex in the prison to be allowed, stating that convicts in the UK are being denied their basic human rights.

Christopher Pollock, 37, who was previously in jail in Spain for supplying vast amounts of drugs, said European cons were allowed conjugal visits.

Pollock, whose gang made millions dealing speed and cannabis in the UK, wrote to prison bosses that the UK prison service should 'come into line with Europe', and he even quoted Winston Churchill.

"I would like to know why prisoners in England and Wales are not permitted conjugal visits when this practice is widespread in other European countries," the Sun quoted him as saying.

"Indeed, whilst spending some time in a Spanish jail, such visits were recognised as being important to the family unit.

"Surely they should be introduced here as a reward for good behaviour. It makes a mockery of the justice system when partners are being made to suffer unnecessarily.

"To quote Winston Churchill, 'The humanity of a society can be judged by the treatment of its prisoners'," he added.

But the Ministry of Justice put him in his place by saying said that although it "understood his frustrations", however conjugal visits in the UK are banned.

"Our position on this is due to the need to restrict prisoners' activities and freedom of association in a way which maintains the effectiveness of imprisonment and the criminal justice system and sustains public confidence," a spokesman said.

Pollock, of Coventry, was caged for three years and three months after admitting conspiracy to import and supply amphetamine and cannabis at Birmingham Crown Court in April this year.

When he completes his sentence in the UK he will be extradited to Spain - where prisoners are allowed three hour long conjugal visits once-a-month - to serve a further six year prison sentence for drug trafficking.

"He has the cheek to quote Winston Churchill and bang on about his human rights without even a thought for all those hundreds of people he brought misery to by dealing drugs," a prison source said.

"He will just have to wait until he gets to Spain to serve another six years before he is allowed the company of a woman.

Maybe that will teach him a lesson," the source added. (ANI)

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