England footie fans ready to give up sex for World Cup!

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London, May 17(ANI): England football fans are ready to give up sex, wash the dishes for a year or even dump their girlfriends, if their team wins the World Cup in return.

In the survey, 12 percent said that they would give up sex for a year if it happened, a third would do the housework for 12 months and 10 percent said they'd happily dump their girlfriend in return for the Cup.

According to the poll by milkshake brand Frijj, an astounding 51 percent would even turn down a chance to spend the night with Cheryl Cole if it means winning.

Neuropsychologist David Lewis says that giving up sex is because of a region called the nucleus accumbens.

"It floods mind and body with 'feel-good' chemicals when we anticipate something pleasurable," The Mirror quoted the doctor as saying.

"So you could say fans are giving ­themselves an intense but perfectly legal high as they anticipate an English victory." (ANI)

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