US airport to get body scanners

Written by: Gaurav
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Houston, May 15: Amid  bomb scares and security threats that US has been receiving for the past few weeks the security agencies had deployed body scanners in 10 busiest airports in the country to ensure aviation security.

However, these screening devices at passenger screening checkpoints have stirred a lot of controversy over privacy. These full body scanning machines work similar to X-rays, showing images of people underneath their clothing.

The Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced on Friday, May 14 that 20 additional airports will be receiving the advanced imaging technology devices by this summer.

Already 24 airports nationwide have got a total of 58 of the so—called 'Advanced Imaging Technology" (AIT)

“Deploying advanced imaging technology at these airports strengthens our ability to protect the travelling public in the face of evolving threats to aviation security," Napolitano said.

The screening devices are designed for the purpose of checking passengers for metallic and non—metallic threats such as weapons and explosives hidden beneath their clothing.

The officials claimed that these devices are equipped with tackling growing threats such as liquid explosives.

450 of such devices was purchased by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), formed aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Napolitano"s office said in a statement, "Many factors are taken into consideration before AIT units are deployed including airport readiness, checkpoint infrastructure and capacity to ensure privacy protections - including a separate, remotely located room for viewing images."

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