Death penalty to Chinese man for stabbing 29 kids

Written by: Devaki
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Beijing, May 15: A Chinese man was sentenced to death for stabbing 29 kids at a kindergarten in the Jiangsu province of China.

Xu Yuyuan, 46, had also attacked three others including a security guard and two teachers at the kindergarten in Taixing city on Apr 29.

The Court of Taixing Intermediate said that the person is accountable for the international homicide, following a half-day open trial. More than 300 people attended the trial.

The court said that the motive of the person was to show off the anger against society, as he was upset due to a series of personal and business related problems

The culpable, who was reasonably well off, owned eight apartments in the city.

“He is married and has a grown-up child," says the vice-mayor of Taixing, Sun Yun.

Xu was working with an insurance company till 2001. He  didn't had a  stable job since 2001. He had leased his buildings for businesses and had plenty of problems, in life.

He was also cheated by his partner , where he had a loss of 200,000 Yuan. The court said that he turned on all the problems towards the society.

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