Dr "Death" Patel was insecure about his own abilities

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Brisbane, May 14 (ANI): Dr Jayant 'Death' Patel had expressed a lack of confidence in his ability to treat patients, questioning whether he should even do complex operations, it has emerged.

He made the remarks at the Bundaberg Base Hospiatal after failing to locate the cause of a patient's post-operative bleeding.

Dr David Risson, who was a principal house officer at Bundaberg in 2004, said he was called into the operating theatre as an extra pair of hands for the second operation on Kemps, the Courier Mail reports.

"I recall Patel saying 'Maybe, I should start thinking about not doing these type of procedures anymore'," Dr Risson said.he incriminating facts put forth by the plaintiff include, Patel performing an oesophagectomy on Kemps and later reopening him in an attempt to find the source of the unexplained post-operative bleeding.

Later he had ordered for Kemps to be taken off the ventilator assuming he was brain-dead without following necessary protocol to arrive at such a conclusion.

The trial is still on. (ANI)

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