Uttar Pradesh Caste councils warn couple about marrying in same sub-caste

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Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh), May 13 (ANI): The Bhatti Village and Caste Council has warned a couple not to marry in the same 'gotra' in Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida city.

The Bhattis are one of the largest Rajput warrior clans in India.

The councils' members said that Jaivendra Baisla and his bride-to-be, Manisha Bhatti, belong to the same 'gotra', and that they both are descended from a common ancestor.

However, the families of both have refuted the claim.

Jaivendra Baisla is due to marry Bhatti, who hails from Bisnoli village, on May 15.

He said his family was busy in the preparations, when the judgement of the village council was forced on them.

"My marriage was to be on 15th of May. We were busy with the preparations but some people from Chittairah village (Baisla's village) have banned this marriage. They have warned us that if this marriage takes place then they will forcibly stop it," said Baisla.

"They have threatened that anything thing can happen if this marriage takes place," he added.

The caste council from Chittairah village, where Baisla lives, ruled against the marriage and even threatened to kill the groom, if he goes ahead with the marriage.

Meanwhile, the bride-to-be, Manisha Bhatti, expressed her fear of the village council's death threat.

"A village panchayat (council) of Chittairah has objected. I just want my marriage to take place on the date it was supposed to. They have threatened to shoot my husband-to-be and I request that nothing of this sort should happen," said Bhatti.

The council has threatened not to let Manisha Bhatti enter the village.

"We are stopping this marriage because we are from Bhatti 'gotra', and all the girls from this 'gotra' are our sisters.houldn't we send our girls outside the 'gotra' or should we get them married within the same 'gotra'?" said Rajvir Bhatti, head of Chittairah village council.

"All the people from Bhatti 'gotra' are brothers and sisters and cannot marry each other," he added.

Earlier on March 30, a sessions court in Karnal had awarded death punishment to five persons on the charges of killing a young couple - Manoj and Babli, who had married in 2007 against the ommunity's wishes. (ANI)

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