Wikimedia still hosting some pornographic images of children

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Washington, May 11 (ANI): Despite starting a purging operation to remove pornographic images of children on its website, Wikimedia hasn't managed to remove all the pictures.

Last week, after asked dozens of Wikimedia Foundation's corporate donors for comments about the vast pornographic content on the company's educational servers, Wikipedia's parent company began flushing the images off its site.

According to, Wikimedia president Jimmy Wales said, "Much of the cleanup is done, although there was so much hardcore pornography on commons that there's still some left in nooks and crannies.

"I'm taking the day off from deleting, both today and tomorrow, but I do encourage people to continue deleting the most extreme stuff.

"But as the immediate crisis has passed (successfully!) there is not nearly the time pressure that there was. I'm shifting into a slower mode.

"We were about to be smeared in all media as hosting hardcore pornography and doing nothing about it. Now, the correct storyline is that we are cleaning up. I'm proud to have made sure that storyline broke the way it did, and I'm sorry I had to step on some toes to make it happen.

"Now, the key is: let's continue to move forward with a responsible policy discussion."

The remaining images, which are drawings and not photos, are topics of contention with some arguing that they do not break any law of obscenity.

Wales however, seemed fickle minded about deleting the categories.

The FBI hasn't confirmed whether an investigation will be carried out or not.

James Marsh, an attorney who represents victims of child sexual exploitation says, "Wikipedia has an undisputable affirmative corporate responsibility to keep such material off their sites, which are almost universally available in elementary schools and public libraries," he said. "Every other content provider has to play by these rules. Why not Wikipedia?" (ANI)

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