Lib-Dems behaving like "every harlot in history" says David Blunkett

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London, May 11 (ANI): In yet another twist in the post-election frenzy former British home secretary, sharp-tongued David Blunkett has likened the Lib-Dems to a "harlot", apropos to the hemming and hawing on the part of the Lib-Dems in forming an alliance that will decide which party comes to power.

"Can we trust the Liberal Democrats?" Blunkett asked in an interview with the BBC, "They're behaving like every harlot in history."

The Lib-Dems' vacillation has had senior members of both Labour and Tory fuming.

Both the Labour Party as well as the Tory Party have been wooing the Lib-Dems with Gordon Brown even offering to step down as Prime Minister.

Thus far Clegg's negotiators have displayed an their inclination toward the Tories, Blunkett pointed this out in an interview with the BBC, he believes that the Conservatives are more likely to come to power and advised his party's top-brass to gracefully accept their position as the Opposition rather than hastily cobble together an impractical coalition.

"I don't think it will bring stability, I think it will lead to a lack of legitimacy and I think it will make people think that we haven't listened to them," he told the BBC.

The Lib-Dems convened for an exhaustive meeting at the House of Commons yesterday, they were there till the wee hours.

"We are keen to settle things as soon as we can. I am as anxious as anyone else," The Telegraph quoted Nick Clegg as saying.

Negotiator David Laws described the meeting as "good and extensive" and said MPs and peers would gather again today. The next 24 hours are crucial for all three parties as a new coalition is likely to emerge within this time-frame.

Meanwhile, Conservative Party members launched a broadside against Brown, with Lord Heseltine, another former Tory Cabinet minister, claiming Brown's attempted deal with the Lib Dems was "party politics at its most sordid".

A Lib Dem-Lab tie-up is highly unfeasible in terms of sustainability of numbers, the formation of a new coalition at the earliest is now imperative since the British markets have been facing a lean period as a result of the power vacuum.

Investors are hoping for a Lib Dem-Tory pact over a Lib Dem-Lab one because both parties are less ambitious about tackling the deficit than the Tories.

"Markets are quite nervous and look as though they will continue falling unless theres a resolution that leads to someone who is going to address that problem," Terry Smith, chief executive of broker Tullet Prebon told the paper. (ANI)

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