Householder uses 'Sherlock Holmes' detective trick to nab thief

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London, May 10 (ANI): A burglary victim caught a thief who ransacked his house using a trick he read in Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective series.

When Scott Baldwin noted that his dog hadn't barked during the theft, he realized it was someone he knew.

His deductions led him to suspect his nephew, Carl Nesbitt, who had been socialising with his uncle at his home in Gateshead on the night of the burglary in January.

He left when Baldwin went to bed at 12.30am but returned half an hour later to carry out the raid.

Although the owner had heard some noise, he didn't bother investigating because the dog remained quiet.

It was only the next day that he realized that a lot of cash and his Xbox console were missing.

"It was the dog that didn't bark in the night as it knew full well who it was, just like in Sherlock Holmes," The Telegraph quoted Judge Whitburn as saying.

Baldwin confronted his nephew, who after denying initially, admitted to the theft saying that he was put up to it.

The fictional detective famously refers to the "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" to find the culprit in the 19th century crime thriller.

Nesbitt, of Chopwell, Gateshead, admitted burglary and was handed a 51-week suspended prison sentence and ordered to carry out 100 hours community service.

"You committed a mean and unpleasant offence by burgling your uncle's house.

"He is a man who stood by you in your very considerable difficulties in your past and this is a targeted burglary against a family member," said the judge.

The games console was found in a shed in Nesbitt's back garden and all the money was returned.

Mr Baldwin said in a statement: "This was a betrayal of trust and I'm immensely saddened and angered." (ANI)

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