Woman bites off lover's tongue following row in Germany!

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Melbourne, May 8 (ANI): A 35-year-old woman named Tina Mueller has been convicted after biting her male lover's tongue off following a row in Germany.

According to the hearing in a German court, Mueller tempted her lover Marc Schmidt for a kiss. She pressed his tongue with her teeth, chewed part of it away after he told her to "p*** off."he incident happened after Schmidt returned home after a drinking spree at a carnival in the British Army garrison town of Paderborn in February last year.

"You're not coming in in that state-you are totally loaded," Mueller said after being annoyed with his drunken state.

The court heard she then kissed him in the head, showing some affection.

Schmidt told her, "Take your tongue and p*** off."

"Tina often had such outbursts and I tried to reason with her. I went into the kitchen and she came in shortly afterwards and was feeling sorry. She said she was sorry she hit me. She let me take her into my arms and kissed me passionately," Schmidt said.

"I just felt this terrible pain. I thrashed around a bit and I felt my tongue was gone," he added.

Blood oozed out from his mouth. Scared by the attack, he ran for about a kilometre to reach his grandmother's house for help. His grandmother took him back to his house to find the missing piece of the tongue so that it could be stitched, reports The Daily Telegraph.ut doctors could not re-attach it and spent two and a half hours sewing up the wound.

Mueller was held guilty of severe bodily harm whereas her lawyer said that she was not responsible for the act, as she had taken psychotic drugs.

She was ordered to do community service after writing a letter to Schmidt apologizing for the assault, but he refused to accept it.

"I cannot forgive her. She ruined my life. I can't bear the thought of kissing a woman again," Schmidt said after the verdict was passed. (ANI)

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