Nurses, doctors voted sexiest occupations in Oz

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Melbourne, May 7: A survey has revealed that Australians find the jobs of doctors, nurses, and tradies to be the sexiest occupations.

The poll of more than 9000 Australians by online dating website showed that 12 percent of men surveyed nominated healthcare and medical professions as the hottest jobs for women, while 16 percent of ladies nominated the trades and service industries.

After coming top in the poll Perth nurse Jak Smith (49) agreed her occupation had a sexy reputation.

"You say you're a nurse and their eyes glaze over - you can tell they're imagining a short skirt and stilettos," quoted her as saying.

"We don't wear little sexy outfits like people think we do. I do think the Skyhooks had it right though with their song Women in Uniform.

"The tradies do a good job when they take their shirts off too ... I think any good body, in or out of uniform, can be sexy," she said.

Former soldier Tyrese Mutaya (31), said he'd appreciated a sex-appeal boost since switching uniforms to become an aged-care nurse.

"In the army there are very few women so the women get all the attention but in nursing it's about 80 percent women so the men get more attention," he said.

Relationship expert and author Geoff Barker wasn't surprised by the findings, saying uniforms were an almost universal turn-on.

"There's something irresistible about a man or woman in uniform, or someone good with their hands," he said.

"For men, perhaps the medical and healthcare professions cater to their every whim, an attribute they assume will transfer to the bedroom.

"Or is it just the visual fantasy of the sexy bedroom costumes that the healthcare industry is so very famous for?" he added.

Australian men also like a lady of learning, with students ranking second at 9 percent of the vote, along with defence and emergency services workers, who women found oozed with sex appeal.

- The sexiest professions as voted by females:

1. Trades and services

2. Construction

3. Defence

4. Healthcare/medical

5. Customer service

- Sexiest professions as voted by males:

1. Healthcare/medical

2. Student

3. Hospitality/tourism/travel

4. Legal

5. Advertising/PR/media

- The least sexy professions

1. Unemployed

2. Volunteer/charity/community

3. Retired

4. Transport/logistics/warehousing

5. Consulting


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