Breweries in battle to create world's strongest beer

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Los Angeles, May 7 (ANI): Scottish brewers Martin Dickie and James Watt have sparked off a war among breweries after releasing a beer with 41 percent alcohol content a "quadruple India Pale Ale" called Sink which they claim, is the world's strongest beer.

They had previously released limited edition bottles of "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" beer with 32 percent alcohol content which was also touted by them to be the world's strongest beer.

Within days of the release, a small German brewer Schorschbrdu claimed online that he had pipped the Scots with his offering of 40 percent alcohol content beer.

BrewDog, the Scots' brewery has unveiled 41 percent "quadruple India Pale Ale" called Sink to counter Schorschbrdu.

Their viral marketing campaign lampoons old European rivalries.

However these publicity stunts and claims have not gone down well with the British media who see it as a cheap bid at promotion.

Watt, BrewDog's chief executive, insists they had been developing the stronger beer for six months. "You can't just magic up a 41% beer in two weeks," he told the L.A. Times.

Brewing such strong beers is very hard and requires the presence of extreme conditions and temperatures.

These beers have won a following among beer aficionados but serving them to a mainstream consumer at bars etc is not a plausible option.

"It presents this interesting problem of how to serve it and what size is appropriate," says Ryan Sweeney, co-owner of the Surly Goat, a beer bar in West Hollywood that specializes in rare draft beers.

The price is also a deterrent with a 12-ounce bottle of Tactical selling for as much as 55 dollars.

As for who will claim the strongest beer title next, it won't be BrewDog, "We are all out at 41%," says Watt. In fact, the company's next release will be a tame Scotch ale brewed with erries. (ANI)

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