Blanket that absorbs flatulence becomes viral hit!

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Washington, May 7 (ANI): An ad of a blanket that has the ability to absorb flatulence has become a viral hit on YouTube.

According to the ad, the Better Marriage Blanket is equipped with activated carbon fabric that has the ability to quickly absorb the odour of flatulence.

The ad has been viewed more than one million times since March 31, 2010.

It is a "real solution to a very real problem", says the ad.

It is believed that a Denver science teacher named Francis Bibbo has designed the blanket.

The official website of the product says that the blanket is made of the same fabric which is used to protect against chemical weapons, reports Fox News.

The product's Web site lists the price at 49.95 dollars for a Queen sized blanket and 59.95 dollars for a King size. (ANI)

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