Hotel 'Daddly Long Legs' takes Cape Town by storm with its bizarre interiors

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Melbourne, May 6 (ANI): Spaceship-like room with a white door and black walls, graffiti painted all over bathroom walls and a police car light that clanks into action when you flip on the switch - these are some of features of a room at a hotel called Daddly Long Legs in Cape Town.

The room, called Being Mak!One, is designed by Cape Town graffiti artist Mak1One. Many such creative artists have been let loose to design the various rooms at this hotel, one more outlandish than the other.

The lobby and staircases host rotating exhibitions and some eye-catching photography, while an individual artist designs each room.

Another freaky room is called the Emergency room, with a hospital theme, somewhat. An X-ray cabinet on the walls, faux blood-spattered canvas curtains, a patient's gown is found hanging up and pillows with "Doctor" and "Nurse" written on them. The bathroom comes with a bedpan and a cabinet full of surgical tools.

The Photo Booth is where 3240 portraits of Capetonians are arranged subtly to look like the furrowed brow, nose and mouth of an elderly man's face. The floor has artificial turf and the walls are said to be soundproof. he room is also covered in Braille, which spells out the lyrics to Big in Japan by Alphaville.

For music lovers, there lies a stage, a TV screens loops of Karaoke DVDs and there are microphones jutting out from the floor and walls as well as dangling from the ceilings above!

According to The Age, manager Francois van Binsbergen concedes the odd bellow has been heard from the overly enthusiastic.

Binsbergen says that the project took flight after similarly decorated self-catering apartments became hugely popular with people. They also wanted to reflect and show off Cape Town's not inconsiderable art scene. (ANI)

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