China cracks down on 'anonymous' Internet and Cell-phone users

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Beijing, May 5 (ANI): China is vigourously promoting the use of real-name registration for users of Internet and cell phone services.

Continuing its earlier efforts to adopt a real-name registration system for website moderators at major news portals and big commercial sites, as well as a ban on "anonymous" comments following news stories, the Chinese claim these measures have yielded "substantial" results.

"We're exploring an identity authentication system for users of online bulletin board systems," China Daily quoted Chinese Minister of the State Council Information Office as saying.

Wang said China has established an initial system to ensure the safety of online information, but the rapid development of the Internet in China has also brought new problems and challenges.

He said China would also strengthen monitoring on "harmful information" on the Internet, in a bid to block harmful overseas information from spreading in the country via the Internet and prevent "hostile overseas forces from infiltrating through the Internet."

He said authorities would start drafting an Internet management law as soon as possible, and discuss the possibility of a law on information security.

In addition, Wang said the country would intensify a crackdown on online crimes and anyone using the Internet to spread pornography, gamble or commit fraud would be severely punished. (ANI)

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