iPod thieves leave teen with fatal injuries

Written by: Teronpi
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London, May 3: A distraught mother of a 14-year-old boy, who was almost beaten to death for his iPod by a group of teenagers, blamed the government for the upsurge in teenagers getting involved in criminal activities.

"One of the worst mistakes this government has ever made was taking away the rights of parents to chastise their children," Jerry Molloy, was quoted as saying the Daily Mail report on Monday, May 3.

"Maybe if there was more discipline and better parenting, these children wouldn"t end up in gangs, destroying people"s lives," she added.

Jerry's son, Tyler Molloy was brutally attacked by a gang of 10 teenagers on Wednesday, Apr 28, when he was talking to three female friends in a park in Balham.

The assailants asked Tyler to hand over everything, including his iPod, his mobile phone and his bank card.

One of the teenagers punched him and he fell unconcious following which the other gang members kicked him in the stomach and stamped on his head, which left Tyler with a ruptured spleen and other severe internal injuries.

Tyler slipped into coma for two days and he won't be fit enough to return to school until Sep 2010.
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