Punjab engineering students build a car that will run on solar energy

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Faridkot (Punjab), Apr 30 (ANI): Engineering students of the Malwa Polytechnic College in Punjab's Faridkot city have built a car that will run on solar energy and save petrol and reduce pollution.

"We have used solar energy in this car and to run motor we convert solar energy into electrical power and then we connect motor with the transmission system through which car runs," said Kiranpreet Singh Sodhi, a faculty.

"So far, we have not used any petroleum product in this car that is why this car is eco- friendly, pollution free and even the running cost is also low," he added.

The purpose is to provide a vehicle to the public, which is very eco-friendly, with low running cost and with low maintenance cost.

Students of this engineering college have made this solar car keeping in mind problems of global warming.

"The main benefit is that the running cost of this car is very low because of the solar energy and now a days everybody is talking about global warming and also petrol is very expensive today, so by looking at all this things we have introduced this solar technology," said Inderjit singh, a student.

"The main advantage of this solar car is that it's very eco-friendly and it's a future oriented project," he added. This solar car can run at a speed of 40-50 kilometers. Even in the absence of sunlight, the car can run for at least four hours.

The students further said that they are working on improving the car for the future. (ANI)

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